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Often, small problems in your paved surfaces can lead to big expense later on.  Pave Master can make your asphalt and blacktop surfaces look as good as new and protect you from expensive repairs in the future. Just another example of the PAVE MASTER DIFFERENCE !

Obviously, the best way to insure that your driveway or parking lot stays sharp and smooth for years to come, is to have Pavemaster Paving do the installation at the beginning, like this great customer had done in Laurel De. As you can see, clean trucks, clean paver, clean equipment, and even clean workers!! This all leads to a super clean first rate job that will bring these proud new homeowners years of service and satisfaction. Pavemaster takes pride in their work and it shows, but if you weren't fortunate enough to have Pavemaster from the start, and you have some of the issues below, we can still help you get back that nice finish you desire.

Call now for a free estimate !!    410-820-6969 or 443-496-0726


Pavement Cracks

Cold weather and extreme use can cause cracks in your asphalt. We can fix those cracks and make your old paving look new again!

Pot Holes

Pot holes can be dangerous and also cause damage to your vehicle. Let Pave Master fix those holes and save your car!!

Sealcoat Cracks

Unsightly cracks in your sealcoat not only look bad, but can be the start of more serious damage to come. Let our pros save you from a huge expense later down the road!

Guaranteed Quality

Many Companies compromise on the thickness of your blacktop to save money. This leaves you with an inferior product that won't last.


Clean Equipment

Pave Master takes great pride in keeping their equipment clean and sharp, and when they are on your job, they show that same kind of pride for your property.



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