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The Economical Advantages of Asphalt Paving

     - Asphalt is a low-cost building material. It is less expensive, not just in actual cost, but also in terms of the time it takes to complete construction. Asphalt is often 30 to 40 % less in cost than concrete.

Durability of Asphalt Paving

     - Asphalt is a reliable weather resistant material and can be designed for low and high traffic conditions. It can withstand the harshest of weather conditions and the heaviest of semi-trailers. Asphalt can also be designed to fit a specific purpose!

Asphalt Paving Safety

      - Asphalt's safety feature is related to its smooth-like finish. It offers skid resistance, reduced splash back, and better visual distinction between road markings. Asphalt also helps keep roads free from ice and snow.


      - Asphalt is a recyclable material. It can be used over and over, and its life cycle never ends. Asphalt roads can be dug up and then re-used again. This is what makes asphalt such a popular, modern day material. When we use it we are preserving our natural resources, by reusing the same material over again


                            LOTS AND MORE!

The best paving in Easton Md, Paving In St Michaels Md, Paving in Salsbury Md, DE

New Blacktop Paving Laurel De. at Old Church Landing

Here is a beautifully paved blacktop parking lot at the Shorehaven Apts. in Ocean City Maryland. Notice just how clean and sharp everything is. There is no blacktop or paint on the sidewalks and all of the parking lot striping has clean and sharp lines. Isn't this the kind of perfection that you want for your new parking lot or driveway?

And here we have an entire Apartment complex, Trader's Cove, that was also paved in blacktop in Ocean city Md. Once again, clean sidewalks and curbs, as well as super smooth surfaces and perfect striping. As you can see, our blacktop paving not only enhances the appearance of your property, it enhances the value as well!

Pavemaster doesn't only do incredible commercial paving, they can also make your home the envy of your neighbors. Here are 3 lovely homes that received the expert blacktop paving treatment from Pavemaster in Easton Md. Notice just how smooth those surfaces are even on the really long driveways. If you need Blacktop Paving in Easton, you know who to call!


Maybe you don't need a big job done, we give the same 5 star service for even the small jobs. At Mac Millan Outdoor in Salisbury Md we recentley did this small blacktop paving job. Its just as smooth and sharp as our big jobs!

MacMillan 2.jpg

YES!, We do churches as well! Living waters Assembly has a beautiful Striped and blacktop paved parking lot in Denton Md. Also, The Christian Community Center at Delmarva Evangelistic Church also has a wonderful blacktop paved parking lot in Salisbury Md. Whether you church parking lot needs a small repair or a complete new parking lot, we can help. If you are in the area, check one of these fine churches out! 

Another great church we have taken care of is Connection Church in Laurel De. We do blacktop paving in Laurel De, Seaford DE, Bridgeville De, and all of Sussex County. Go check them out! Tell them Pavemaster sent you!

PN 1.jpg

POT NETS in Long Neck De, has many residences that rely on Pavemaster. Whether its for driveway and blacktop repair, or a brand new paved blacktop driveway, Pavemaster does it all. We also do blacktop paving in the surrounding communities of Millsboro, Dagsboro, and more!

Yes, we do Blacktop Paving in Denton Maryland! Whether its a beautiful residence or a downtown business, Pavemaster has you covered. We Also do blacktop Paving in surrounding areas such as Easton, Preston, Greenwood De, Ridgley Md and more! We also do Sealcoating, tar and chip and more to all of these surrounding areas!

As you can see, if you want the absolute best job possible with your new blacktop paving, AND you want to deal with a company that has more 5 star ratings than anyone, along with being backed by an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, you know who to call,



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